• 25 Aug
    viajar a través de la lectura

    Travelling using your imagination, living the adventures of others who have been lucky enough to make the journey you most desire, or simply having a good time reading about subjects that attract us because they revolve around motorbikes. Books about motorbike travelling form a category within the Adventure section that year after year adds new […]

  • 19 Aug
    viaje en moto

    Step by step, we are starting to make plans again. Some of us are thinking of closer routes, while others, more optimistic, are looking for greater adventures in terms of distance and duration. In any case, when we organise a motorbike trip of medium or long duration, we must plan some aspects that will make […]

  • 03 Aug
    Press Release Updates August 2021 List of new products available as of August 2021. List of products by reference, brand, model, cubic capacity and year of each motorcycle. Brand Model C.C. Year FRONT 1922X BENELLI BN 4T 125 18/21 KEEWAY RKF CBS E4 125 15/21 Brand Model C.C. Year FRONT 1941G KAWASAKI W ABS 800 [...]
  • 01 Jul

    In many technical articles we have always described the brake system as a combination of elements that make your motorcycle stop effectively. In addition to the levers, the pedal, the pistons, tha pads and, of course, the brake discs, there is a component that most part of the time we don’t pay attention to even […]

  • 23 Jun

    25 points seem a testimonial number, but it is more than that. This number represents a turning point in the history of motorcycling competition. It’s been difficult to have female references throughout the years, as it’s been by tradition, a man’s world; and it is the reason why the name of Taru Rinne is highlighted, […]

  • 17 Jun

    The success of the career of a racing rider can be measured by the titles, the won races and the participation in different categories of a World Championship. Barry Sheene was characterised by his charisma and way of life, which together with a great track record, elevated him as a legend. The present idea of […]

  • 28 May

    The vast majority of drivers, whatever the type of vehicle they drive, make mistakes almost every day. The guidelines learned during the process of preparing for the licence test are quickly forgotten, and instead bad riding habits are often acquired, and they can lead to unnecessary risk situations. Motorcyclists are the group most likely to […]

  • 20 May

    This year, the 2021 WorldSBK Championship will officially start next Sunday May 23th at Aragon Motorland Circuit (if there are no setbacks). In the 2021 WorldSBK Championship compete on race bikes. These bikes, compared to standard road models, have modifications in some parts such: engine, exhaust, suspension, brakes and others. The minimum weight is 168 […]

  • 12 May

    Elspeth Beard was the first woman to ride around the world on a motorbike. More than an adventure, we can say it was a feat. A woman taking such a big journey alone was not approved by society back then. It was 1982 when a young English architecture student decided to take a long journey […]