Mar 2022
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It’s clear that a true motorbike lover is someone who enjoys long rides on their leather seat, gripping the handlebars and pressing the accelerator and brake, or someone who enjoys the adrenaline of a race, whether from the grandstand of a circuit or from their own home. However, the passion for motorcycling and two wheels doesn’t end here. In the age of digitalisation and social networks, a good motorbike lover is also someone who follows one or more of the Instagram accounts that we are going to show you today.

If you are a true lover of two wheels, you must follow these Instagram accounts.

From NG Brake Disc we have put together the definitive list of the top 5 Instagram accounts about motorbikes, biker passion and motorcycling that you can’t miss on your Instagram “Following” list.


On the official account of the World Motorcycling Championship you can find the latest news and updates on what’s happening in the premier class of motorcycling in real time. You’ll not only be able to enjoy breathtaking images of the world’s best riders in competition, but also videos and reels of epic moments from great races.


We go from a professional account to an account with thousands of followers managed by two-wheeled enthusiasts themselves. @bikeswithoutlimits is a collaborative account that focuses on reflecting the lifestyle of people who love motorbikes. Its bio describes the account’s personality very well: “Ride Hard | Live Fast | No Limits”.


This account with more than one million followers defines its content as “your daily dose of café racer inspiration”. Here you can find videos of impossible motorcycle routes on all types of terrain and very professional photos of legendary bikes that you won’t want to miss.


The official account of the Dakar Rally, the most famous and toughest rally in the world. In this account you will find images and videos of the great adventure of a race through the desert dunes. Undoubtedly a content that will not leave you indifferent if you enjoy watching challenging races over the most complicated terrain.


Following the line of the previous account, in this account of thousands of followers managed by the off-road enthusiast community we can find videos in Reel format that show the mastery of motocross riders when facing challenging terrains with their bikes. 

Bonus: @ngbrakedisc 

In addition to these essential Instagram accounts for motorbike lovers, we can’t finish this article without first recommending our own account, @ngbrakedisc, where we publish all kinds of content about the world of motorbikes, always with special emphasis on the braking system and its importance in order to be able to ride safely. In addition, on our Instagram you can also find curiosities, fun games, opinion polls and questions where you can share your thoughts with the rest of the biker community, and much more!